What is the switch…

The Switch is a weekend getaway where teens can go deeper in their walk with the Lord while having a great time!

We spend the weekend at the church in order to spend extra time in God’s presence and be intentional about hearing His voice.
We also like to build community with one another, make friends, and just have fun!

This event is designed to not only draw you closer to God, but also to give you the tools you need to keep on that track and continue to grow in Jesus!

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What to expect at the switch…

To encounter God and leave changed.
The weekend is full of deep moments in worship, messages that will challenge you, and quiet times that allow you to hear the voice of God.

Have fun and participate in all activities.

We ask that your phone is stored away until Sunday @ 12:30pm. (Guardians in case of emergency please call 734.649.2063)
Our reason for doing this is to minimize distractions and focus on God all weekend.

Each person will be placed in a Host group. This is the group you will stick with all weekend, they will be your friends!

What to pack for the overnight…

Clothes for Sunday, Sleeping clothes, Toiletries, Sleeping bag/blankets/pillows, Bible and notebook

What is the switch…

Tickets cost $20, and includes all meals and fun throughout the weekend!